Lovegra Tablets 100mg

Lovegra Tablets 100mg

Go To Bed with New Sexual Desire and Vigor with Lovegra

We believe that “love is sex” and rest all the ideas about love is just exaggeration and intellectual ideation. If you cannot satisfy your man, then you will see that love is receding.

However, women at the present time fail to maintain a healthy sex life that hampers their emotional health as well as the relationship with their partner. Especially, women over the age of 40 face this terrible problem caused by hormonal change. You can consume our Lovegra Pills to heighten your sensual stimulation.

How Lovegra make you more loving and sexually active?

Lovegra Tablet 100 mg contains Sildenafil Citrate which is widely used to treat sexual impotency or dysfunctions. The PDE-5-family of vasodilators present in the pills start to show its effect within an hour after consumption.

It expedites the blood flow to the vagina and also provides smoothness and natural lubrication that heightens your sexual experience and makes the intercourse wildly beautiful. This medicine should be taken under the prescribed guidelines.

The pills are produced in the state of the art and certified pharmaceutical laboratory. The pill is also FDA approved

Direction to use Lovegra tablets for maximum pleasure:

Avoid consuming alcohol along with the pill because it can hurt the efficiency of the drug

If you are taking other drugs for sexual dysfunction, then do not consume it with these drugs

You can chew it or swallow the pills. Women looking for prolonged sexual experience should shallow the pill otherwise you should chew it. However, chew before planned sexual intercourse

Avid taking fatty food while you are consuming Lovegra to add any effects whatsoever

The prescribe dosage is Lovegra Tablets 100mg and you should never consume more than one in a day

Possible effects of Lovegra tablets:

It is been observed that Lovegra pills do not show any serious side effects. However, at times, it shows side effects caused by overdoses. The side effects might come in the form of nausea, stomach problems and you might experience facial flushing, mild headache and get sensitive to lights.

If you experience temporary loss of vision or hearing impaired, then stop consuming and consult your doctor immediately.

When should you stop using Lovegra:

  • Pregnant women and women breastfeeding their children should not consume the tablet
  • Never take this pill along with other nitrate-based pills or drugs
  • Women suffering from kidney and heart diseases should not take or consume this pill
  • Women having high and low blood pressure problems or diseases should not also consume this pill
  • Women suffering from bone cancer, anemia, and sickle cell disease should not take these pills
  • The pill designed only for women who are 18+
  • Never mix the pill with drugs that are used to cure fungal infection and HIV

If you are feeling that dejectedness and feeling the lack of sexual pleasure, then order Lovegra tablets and find your way to pleasurable sexual and intimate moments. It is time to explore the beauty of sexual intimacy through the help of our pills and get extremely satisfied emotionally and sexually.