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Real Power Is All About How Sexually Potent You Are

Erectile dysfunction is a major concern among men because this particular medical condition affects their emotional health, psychological sanity and hurts their self-esteem. The plight does not end there; in fact, it can also unsettle the relationship.

If you are taking that you lack the sexual power and our relationship is on the verge of going down the lane due to your impotence, then it is time to get Caverta Pills.

This pill produced by one of the major and reputed pharmaceutical company Ranbaxy and one pill per day would be enough to drive your wild desires more wild and untamable

Its workings and dosage:

This pill contains Sildenafil Citrate, which is the main ingredient that is used for ED. The pill improves the blood flow to the reproductive organs and soothes the penile muscles ultimately giving harder erection that can start working within 30-45 minutes of consumption.

It is recommended that you consume one Caverta Tablet 100 mg every day just before planned intercourse. Make sure that you do not exceed more than one. Doing so would mean inviting side effects.

Probable Side effects:

The Caverta pill is quite powerful as far as giving sexual strength is a concern and it has no serious side effects, however, at times you might have a mild headache, facial flushing, and nausea as side effects. If you experience some other weird and abnormal side effects, then you should speak with your doctor and stop consuming this pill.

Storage direction:

Caverta Tablets must be stored in a cool and dry place. It must be stored at room temperature. You have to make sure that the pill does not get exposed to extreme heat or moisture, pets and children should be kept away from the pill. If they happen to chew the tablets accidentally or mistakenly, then they might face various medical conditions that might need medical attention.

Precautionary measures and safety practices:

You should never self medicate this pill. Never buy this pill just because you think that you need to have sexual power. In fact, it should be recommended by the doctor after you have gone through the complete checkup and given the right treatment and care to cure ED.

The doctor can recommend this pill or some other pill along with Caverta tablets. Hence, you should seek medical advice before you consume this tablet.

The intake of the Caverta Tablets 100mg should be followed as directed by the doctor because an overdose can have various side effects. Here are a few important points that you must discuss with your doctor during the time of treatment or consultation.

  • If you have had medical conditions such as chest pain, irregular heartbeats heart failure, and heart attack in the past, then you must inform the doctor about those conditions
  • If you are suffering from Hypertension, then your doctor should know this
  • If you are suffering from retinitis pigmentosa, then you must inform the doctor about the same
  • Liver and kidney diseases
  • Any kidney or liver-related problems
  • Diseases such as anemia, leukemia and sickle cell should come under doctor’s attention
  • If you experience a prolonged erection that lasts for more than 4 hours or deformed penis
  • Bleeding illness such as stomach illness
  • Consumption of her nitrate-based drugs


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