Refund Policy

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We don’t believe in selling our customers with any kind of fake products, services, or information. Our sole purpose is to treat all those people around who have been having trouble in their sexual orientation or going through erectile dysfunction problems.

Get Instant Help From The Support Team:

As per the Federal regulations, we don’t allow or accept the returns of the medicines that have been shipped quickly. Kamagrauk-store only can take the damaged or faulty orders and for that, email must be sent about the product or incident description. Furthermore, our support team will:

  • Verify the situation mentioned
  • Help you with the refund process
  • Deliver the order within 21 days

Quick Response:

If in any case, you don’t receive the product from us or get damaged well, do not hesitate to raise your query to us through email. Once we get notified about the incident, we take care of the situation immediately and provide you a refund.

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